We're a brand and content marketing agency, specializing in marketplace management for brands, manufacturers, and resellers. From resource and strategic planning to market research and building a brand we offer a variety of services along with the best advice.


We provide full-service Amazon account management for medium to large brands. We audit & monitor your Amazon account performance. We'll provide product & competitor research; optimize sponsored advertising; launch your account or brand on Amazon; or expand your business to other Amazon venues.


We maximize your brand engagement over Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and more. We organically grow your following, drive traffic, and create cohesive marketing messages to bring you improved ROIs on your valuable ad spend.


We use research and a statistical approach to run dynamic and competitive Google Ad Campaigns and improve SEO performance. We'll breathe life into your email marketing strategy. With our performance based relationships with affiliate marketing agencies and portals across all categories, we target your core audience and maximize your marketing dollars, helping you grow a diverse product mix. 


We have the tools to provide competitor assessments and product data. Our propriety set of solutions helps with inventory forecasts, marketing optimization, to streamline your operations and much more. We also develop custom solutions or programmers.


We have the resources to support and automate your business operations. Whether its fulfillment, customer service emails, graphic design or data management, we can take out the pain of selling online so you can focus on your core strengths.


We have the team, resources, and proven track record. We’ve also been merchants ourselves and will help you to achieve higher sales and profits. From developing an omni-channel sales strategy; cross-border trade and fulfillment; or protecting your brand equity; we have you covered. Let us help build your brand.

Let us grow your Instagram Presence...

Jungle Social uses legitimate and organic marketing techniques to grow your following and engagement. With our advanced targeting and analysis tools we drive real Instagram followers to your profile. The followers are engaged and interested in your brand and content!
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We generate more active organic Instagram followers who actually engage and interact with your profile. With our advanced targeting and analysis tools we drive real Instagram followers to your profile. The followers are engaged and interested in your brand and content

100% Real Growth

We make sure people only follow you if they are interested in you and what you are doing. No fake followers and fake likes. Not only will your engagement rates increase but users will show actual interest in your brand and what you have to offer.

Easy To Use

Sit back, relax, while our account managers will grow your Instagram account for you. You'll be impressed with how easy and effective our Instagram service is. Grow your Instagram with a click of a button!

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Research & Analysis

Before working with you, we do an in-depth analysis of your account. We work with you and research to clearly define your target audience. We can target by location, similar accounts like competitors, partners and your other associates. The follows, likes and comments, we will earn on your account are your target niche.

Personalized Solution

We use data driven methods and organic marketing techniques to grow your following and engagement. After purchasing a plan, you will contacted by an account manager within 24 hours, to curate an approach thats personalized for you. We provide continually reporting and assessments in order to improve on our strategy.

Secure & Safe

Your privacy is important to us, so your account login info is stored in a secure database, and is only used to establish a secure connection with Instagram. 100% guaranteed account safety and security.


What are our clients are saying about us?

"I have absolutely loved using Jungle Social for building my follower base on Instagram. I have seen where you can buy followers but in reality this does not benefit your business. The process that Jungle Social use have taken my follower base from under 1000 to above 5000 in just 2 months. These are relevant followers who are coming into my business and telling me they came because they found me through Instagram. Its also nice to know that my efforts to post regularly are now being seen by a much larger group of potential clients rather than just a small group that I had before. I would definitely recommend Jungle Social to any business that wants to been seen on Social Media."


"We were a new startup and trying to find some footing with our social media presence. Jungle Social made things so easy. As soon as we opened an account we saw fast and meaningful growth across our social media accounts. I would recommend Jungle Social to anyone, but especially any company counting on social media to find customers."


"We are so very thankful to Jungle Social for their incredible work increasing our presence on social media, specifically with our Instagram account. We went from having just a mere 600 followers to nearly 5,000 in just a few weeks. The setup was effortless and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to raise their social game."

Director of Education

"I've been approached by different social media services but jungle social really caught my attention. The Jungle Social team helped me grow from 1200 followers to more than 3600 in less than 2 months! My followers are authentic and are genuinely interested in my posts and interact with me. The customer service is outstanding!, I get one on one support with my very own account manager who always gives me the best advice and tricks to get the most engagement out of my posts. I personally recommend them, Thank you Jungle Social!"

Model & Artist


From market research, product development to delivery, we manage the process for you and optimize every area of your business to achieve a higher level of profitability on your products. You can focus on what you do best to grow the rest of your business.


We devote ourselves to helping you dominate the 'Buy Box' and sell the most product on Amazon and other marketplaces - we'll provide insight on distribution and provide a better understanding of your competition.


We are a team of seasoned veterans, including E-Commerce business heads and owners, serial entrepreneurs, and Amazon & eBay account managers, who have built and sold multiple brands.


We always RESEARCH, INNOVATE, PLAN AND EXECUTE. We apply these methods when it comes to building your brand equity, planning or optimizing your products, and marketing.


Each business has individual needs and requirements so we never use one-size-fits-all solutions. By having unique systems, software, and people devoted to each segment, we provide the value each client expects and deserves.


Working with your senior leadership, we help define the right distribution and content strategy that makes the most sense for your brand. We provide different service levels and plans depending on a seller’s needs.


We leverage our partners and personal connections, with senior leaders of 150+ solution providers, and leading thinkers in the e-commerce space.


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