Jungle Consultancy Group: Amazon Services

We have an experienced team to help your growing business. Our team has sold over $50 million of product through Amazon. We understand each stage of an Amazon business, from creating a brand and product development, all the way to selling your business. We can help guide you along your path, and when needed use our network in the E-commerce Industry.

Our Expertise:
Brand Building – Creating consistent branding, from logo, packaging, website, customer engagement
Product Development – From deciding what to manufacture, to where to manufacture, we have the tools to help research and estimate sales, make informed buying decisions.
Product Listing – We can help launch products, improve content, use advanced listings strategies, get exclusive listing privileges
Marketing and Promotions – We can create Amazon Sponsored Ads, help manage your current Ad strategy, get access to limited promotional sales opportunities. We can improve your product ratings, feedback, and reviews.
Data Entry – We have an experienced team you can utilize for all your data oriented issues. From fixing Amazon errors, editing content, photo editing, we can provide customized services for any category.
Pricing – We can assist in pricing management or strategy overview
International Opportunities – We have experience in Amazon international platforms. We can help with set up, launch, logistics, and navigate through importing and taxes
Selling your Business – We have relationships to help assist selling your business, we can consult to help position your business for the best possible buy out.
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